Jonathan Howell -
LTA Professional Tennis Coach / Personal Trainer
About Me
Throughout my tennis career i have worked with a number of top class coaches and have picked up a number of different ideas and methods to fast track players through the different stages of their development. I have created my own methods in order to produce the best tennis players possible. 
  • Over 15 years experience as an LTA Tennis Professional
  • Worked on a number of Development/Performance Programmes in Australia, Spain, USA, Turkey, Channel Islands
  • BSc Hons Sports Managment
  • LTA Level 4 Senior Performance Coach
  • LTA Rating 3.2
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Mobile : 07533555495
  • Newport, Cardiff, Monmouthshire, Vale of Glamorgan. 
  • Must wear appropriate tennis clothing, footware. 
  • Professional Racquet Technician - Racquet Re-string service.
  • Choose me as your coach to maximize your tennis potential
  • Lesson start from as little as £10.... 
"As a Tennis Coach I believe in teaching the tactical, technical, physical and mental aspects of the game achieves real results. My coaching philosophy includes the key mantra 'Perfect practice predicts perfect performance'.
Group lessons feature a range of cardio-vascular exercise and great fitness work outs, coupled with skill developing tasks, partner work to improve reactions and level-specific challenges.  
All my lessons are held at a private members club in Newport, South Wales a premium tennis club with excellent facilities. The courts have been recently refurbished, and offers 8 artificial grass courts with floodlights. Free parking is also provided onsite, along with a bar and lounge area."
Arrangements have already been to made for potential clients to access these top class venues. 
In addition we are able of offer a service where by a coaching session or clinic can arranged at a private residence or venue within the South Wales area or beyond...