Jonathan Howell -
LTA Professional Tennis Coach / Personal Trainer
One-to-One Coaching
Lessons can be arranaged as either a private or semi-private session. This is by far the quickest way to improve and develop your game. Players can work on specific tactical, technical, physcial and mental areas of their game. Lessons will last for 1 hour but can be made longer or shorter depending on your requirements. 
In addition to 1-2-1 coaching sessions i am able to offer individual pro-hits where by players of a club standard or above can have an intense 60 minute session, with a high volume of balls being hit. This is an ideal session for those players preparing for a match or tournament or if you require a tennis specifc based workout. 
All lessons can be booked individually or as part of a block booking. Discounted fee for block bookings. Please get in touch. 
If you have a court at your home or other venue, a specific session plan can be arranged.

Group Lessons
Group sessions are by far the most sociable way to develop your tennis game. Tennis lessons can be booked with players of a similar standard, age or ability. Group lessons can be  booked for beginners, improvers or teams wanting to train together, whether that is a singles or doubles competition. 
Cardio Tennis Group sessions are an excellent way to have a high tempo, intense, aerobic  workout at the same time as learning the different tennis footwork patterns, shots and movements required. This can either be done to music or without. This session is drills based so all players will hit a high voume of balls within the hour. 
Group sessions can be arranged for Juniors or Adults. Mini tennis players will use the appropriate court size and ball type within their session.
Group Lessons can be arranged as a one-off session or as  a block booking with different themes each week. Please get in touch to discuss price and duration. 
Personal Training 
In addition to tennis coaching we are pleased to offer a personal training package where individuals can focus on tennis specifc fitness by increasing the areas of speed, stamina, strength and power associated with their game. Whether you are looking for a one-off fitness session or a more specialised programme training programme to develop you in the off season. Prgrammes can be adapted to your chosen sport or fitness goals. 
In addition to sport specific programmes we can also offer training sessions for individuals looking to enhance their general health and fitness, this may include weight or fat loss, aerobic capacity, increased muscle definition, flexibility, nutritional advice and more...
Professional Racquet Re-String Service 
By having your racquet restrung you are keeping your racquet in optimum condition. Players that  require a specifc string type or tension can choose from a  variety of brands. Depending on the court serface, conditions and  player type, a re-string can enhance the performancne of your game. 
All restrings within 48 hours. Please get in contact to discuss string type and tension to suit your game.